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Paternity Court with Judge Lauren LakeLauren Lake’s Paternity Court uncovers the truth 5 days a week (Monday-Friday) and sometimes the truth hurts. Join Judge Lauren Lake as she presides over highly emotional cases that lead to life-changing consequences and new beginnings for families. Watch Judge Lauren Lake empowering families to move past the hurt and into the healing process. To watch Lauren Lake’s Paternity Court check your local listings by clicking on the station finder below.

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After a bicycle injury, Mr. Dorris claims it is “medically impossible” for him to be the father – is he the dad?

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The divorce papers are in-hand and a marriage is on the line in today’s episode of Paternity Court.

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A family at stake – Ms. Lassio says, if the results prove Mr. Abbott is her baby’s father it will save her family. Do you think Mr. Abbott is..

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Mr. Abbott was out the door, now he’s desperate to know if he’s the dad!

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Witness relationships on the line – will the results make or break these families? The stakes can’t get any higher this week on Paternity Court!

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Lauren Lake's Paternity Court