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Paternity Court with Judge Lauren LakeLauren Lake’s Paternity Court uncovers the truth 5 days a week (Monday-Friday) and sometimes the truth hurts. Join Judge Lauren Lake as she presides over highly emotional cases that lead to life-changing consequences and new beginnings for families. Watch Judge Lauren Lake empowering families to move past the hurt and into the healing process. To watch Lauren Lake’s Paternity Court check your local listings by clicking on the station finder below.

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McCrory v. Mento/Smith Daddy's Girl Clip

Ms. Mento claims that she’s a Daddy’s Girl, and even if Ms. McCrory’s daughter is her sister, she won’t have anything to do with her!

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McCrory v. Mento/Smith Open

The drama is HEAVY between these two families. Will you be tuning in to today’s Paternity Court?

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Jackson v Figgures Kid and Dad Argue

“I’m all he has, and he is all I have.” – Ms. Jackson Watch as Ms. Jackson breaks down when she explains her frustration as a single mother.

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Mary J. Blige's Ex Husband Kendu Issacs Reportedly Demands $129K In Spousal Support

Mary J. Blige’s estranged husband Kendu Issacs is asking for 130K a month in spousal support. In addition, he wants her to cover his CHILD..

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Jackson v Figgures Lauren Strong Moment

“You’ve never experienced having a father, so all you know is growing up without one.” – Judge Lauren Lake Today’s case is an emotional one…

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