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Paternity Court with Judge Lauren LakePaternity Court uncovers the truth 5 days a week (Monday-Friday) and sometimes the truth hurts. Join Judge Lauren Lake as she presides over highly emotional cases that lead to life-changing consequences and new beginnings for families. Watch Judge Lauren Lake empowering families to move past the hurt and into the healing process. To watch Paternity Court check your local listings by clicking on the station finder below.

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Alexandra had sex with Tyrone’s cousin last month! Tyrone had sex with Alexandra’s cousin AGAIN three months ago!

After sleeping with each..

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Many siblings have come to #PaternityCourt for answers regarding paternity – from twins to backstabbing sisters!

Watch some of the most memorable..

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CASE #2: Kerie says his relationship with Mindy will be over if he is proven NOT to be baby Keriona’s biological father.

Mindy admits to having..

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CASE #1: After a life-time of believing another man was her dad, Cindy was surprised to learn “Rusty” could be biological father.

“Rusty” felt..

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Get ready for a DOUBLE DOSE of cases on #PaternityCourt!

Case #1: After her mother’s death, Cindy is surprised when a family friend claims..

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Paternity Court starring Judge Lauren Lake