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Paternity Court with Judge Lauren LakeLauren Lake’s Paternity Court uncovers the truth 5 days a week (Monday-Friday) and sometimes the truth hurts. Join Judge Lauren Lake as she presides over highly emotional cases that lead to life-changing consequences and new beginnings for families. Watch Judge Lauren Lake empowering families to move past the hurt and into the healing process. To watch Lauren Lake’s Paternity Court check your local listings by clicking on the station finder below.

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Ms. Sanders claims Mr. Brady is the father of her beautiful green-eyed baby, but will the outcome of the DNA test reveal a different result?

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Even after being put on blast in front of the entire neighborhood, Ms. Sanders is determined to prove her ex-lover, Mr. Brady, is the father..

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After being married for less than 8 months, mommy-to-be TheRealKeshiaKnightPulliam and her husband Ed Hartwell are getting a divorce! Apparently,..

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The most important fact in this case is that Mr. Jones is now deceased and both sides want peace. Will they find it in the results?

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Ms. Brogden strongly believes that Tyrell Jones is the father of her child, even after sleeping with his brother! What will the DNA reveal?

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